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Does Amazon do any due diligence on the companies it brings into our communities to build their fulfillment centers?


How Utah concrete companies, using underpaid workers and teens, send money to a polygamous church

"Phaze [Concrete], a Salt Lake Tribune investigation has found, is a major financier of the FLDS Church, which believes in polygamy as a spiritual tenet and whose president, Warren Jeffs, is serving a prison sentence of life plus 20 years related to taking underage girls as brides in Texas."


Some Texas sect kids reunited with parents: More than 400 children taken from polygamist ranch amid suspicions of abuse

"Some of the children were reunited with their parents shortly after the agreement, which came after a hearing in San Antonio, said Rene Haas, a lawyer representing Joseph Steed Jessop Sr. [Project Manager, Building Zone Industries] and his wife, Lori. The Jessops' three children were among those released."


Colorado City manager gets probation

"Colorado City Manager David William Darger [Safety Director, Building Zone Industries], a former secretary-treasurer for the city’s fire district, pleaded guilty in March to two counts of solicitation of misuse of public money, which occurred Dec. 29, 2005, and April 3, 2009. He had been charged with 36 felony counts including violating the duties as custodian of public funds and participating in a criminal syndicate."


"Still actively practicing polygamy more than a century after the mainstream Mormon Church abandoned the practice, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS) is a white supremacist, homophobic, antigovernment, totalitarian cult."

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